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As a preferential Standing Order customer you will receive new stamp issues and/or annual collections as soon as they are released. You will also be sent bulletins giving issue information and details of the following issue plus special offers from time-to-time that are only available to Standing Order customers.


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Note: Annual Collections commencing 2006.

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  • We draw NZ$50 to open your account ($80.00 for Amex), and then top the account up with the same amount when funds run low.
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  • Credit card payment is the preferred method of payment. If you would prefer to send funds via cheques or bank drafts, please print the completed form and mail it with your cheque/bank draft.
  • Cheques/bank drafts for a minimum of NZ$50 should be made out to the Pitcairn Islands Philatelic Bureau and mailed to:
    PO Box 27404, Marion Square, Wellington
    New Zealand.
  • Sending cash is not recommended..